Bio Carrier for Wastewater Treatment

Nisshinbo Chemical Inc. has developed unique “bio-carriers”, utilizing their polymer design and manufacturing technology. AQUAPOROUSGEL and Bio Contact-N are high performance bio-carrier for wastewater treatment, The excellent wearability to maintain high concentration of bacteria, the physical strength to tolerate various process conditions, and the ease of handling are the major properties of concern in the “carriers” design.


  • Excellent hydrophilicity
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The products lineup

AQUAPOROUSGEL is sponge form bio-carrier used for oxidation process reducing organic pollution in wastewater. The unique characteristics of AQUAPOROUSGEL are its swelling properties and porous structure. The wall structure swells in water providing high hydrophilicity, a, unique characteristic of AQUAPOROUSGEL.

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Bio Contact-N is column shape bio-carrier for nitrification and denitrification. Bio Contact-N is handled in the forms of dry pellet during transportation, storage and installation. On installation, Bio Contact-N absorbs water, and turns into gel.

Bio Contact-N

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