Modified agent for Adhesive Resins

CARBODILITE promotes adhesion to various substrates and protects from deterioration by hydrolysis and lowering of water-absorbing property as modified agent for electronic materials such as epoxy resin.

Modified agent for Adhesive Resins


  • Good adhesion promotion for metal, organic materials or inorganic materials
  • Preventing hydrolysis of ester bond and keep good adhesion
  • Lowering of water-absorbing property for epoxy resin
  • Halogen free
  • Good compatibility with various adhesives


Grade V-05
Appearance High viscous liquid
(Transparent yellow brown)
Solid content 100%
Solvent None
NCO%* 8.2
Viscosity (68°F/20°C)* 40Pa·s
-NCN- Equivalent** 262

*Standard Value
**Chemical formula weight per 1 mole of carbodiimide group

  • V-05 has high viscosity, we recommended it warm about 158°F/70°C and use it after becoming low viscosity.
  • V-05 is soluble in toluene, ethyl acetate, MEK, MIBK, etc.
  • Don't use active hydrogen content solvent and alcohol.

Application Effects

  • Hydrolysis stabilizer for polyester resin and ester-type polyurethane resin
  • Good adhesion promotion

Hygrothermal Resistant Test

  • Adhesive : Polyester-polyurethane base
  • Curing agent : Isocyanate
  • Addition agent : CARBODILITE V-05 (3%, 5%)
  • Substrate : PET film / PET film
  • Test Condition : 176°F/80°C × 95%RH

CARBODILITE improved initial adhesion strength and durability.

Water-absorbing percentage

  • Main resin : Biophenol A epoxy resin 85.5%, Curing agent 12.8%, Thickener 1.7%
  • Curing agent : CARBODILITE V-05
  • Adhesive condition : 212°F/100°C × 4hours + 302°F/150°C × 4hours
  • Test method : Pressure cooker test (248°F/120°C × 2.5hours, Change in weight)

CARBODILITE reduces water-absorbing property of epoxy resin.

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Reaction of Carbodiimide

Carbodiimide group of CARBODILITE reacts with Carboxyl group as shown below.

Reaction of Carbodiimide

Carbodiimide group of CARBODILITE reacts with Epoxy group as shown below.

Reaction of Carbodiimide

Regulation (Update Nov.2014)

TSCA (USA) Registered*
REACH (EU) Polymer**
KECI (KOREA) Registered
IECSC (CHINA) Registered
ECN (TAIWAN) Registered
ENCS (JAPAN) Registered

*You must agree with Consent Order.
**All raw materials are registered or pre-registered.

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