Rigid Urethane

Our rigid urethane has been developed by polyurethane resin by our unique technology. And polyform has high heat insulation property. Rigid urethane is used for varies area from building to vehicle. We contend with more performance advances, and have been placing on the market of Non-fluorocarbon heat insulation material.


  • excellent heat insulation property
  • Free design

The products lineup

This is an environment-protective new technology developed by Nisshinbo Chemical in which carbon dioxide gas generated from special reaction of isocyanate is utilized and fluorocarbon gas is not used. It sells it by various shape such as finished goods and stock solutions according to the customer's demand. Finished goods are used to store the clean energy such as LNG tanks and contribute to the global environmental protection. The stock solution is used for an insulated panel, the industrial refrigerator, and the house insulation, and contributes to the global environmental protection as an environment-friendly energy conservation material.

Non-fluorocarbon AIRLITE FOAM

“AIRLITE FOAM” is available in various shapes responding to requests from customers. “AIRLITE FOAM” is used for cold chain products such as freezing carriers and freezing containers, cryogenics plant such as LNG and LPG, housing products, and construction materials. In the field other than thermal insulation, “AIRLITE FOAM” is used in various field such as engineering works, artifical wood, and sporting goods.


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