Technical Development

Utilizing its original composite technology to provide advanced function chemical products

Nisshinbo chemical has positioned its chemical products business based on isocyanate and fine carbon technologies. We will aim to expand our business by bringing together our diverse expertise and intellectual properties related to chemical products and developing promising new businesses.

Fuel cells, which use hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity, are clean energy sources that do not produce carbon dioxide or other harmful emissions. Large volumes of thin, sheet-like components known as bipolar plates are used in key units of fuel cells.Bio-mass plastics are environmentally friendly, recyclable materials that have the ability to limit the generation of carbon dioxide and hazardous materials during a product’s lifecycle. We developed Carbodilite as a high- performance resin that can improve durability while maintaining safety when added to bio-mass plastics, such as polylactic acid. The size of the respective markets for bipolar plates for fuel cells, for which there are high expectation as clean energy source, and high-performance resin Carbodilite that contribute to the reduction of environmental burden is increasing as the social interest in global environmental issues mounts.

At the same time, we are working aggressively to expand uses and cultivate new markets by developing unique high value-added produces, such as thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers, high performance vitreous carbon, and rigid polyurethane foams.

Nisshinbo chemical will promote the globalization of its production and sales structures in sales structures in pursuing the possibilities of next-generation chemical products, while continuing to focus on the further development of new, advanced-function and high-performance products.

Carbodilite(Performance Chemical Department) Toke Development Center
Bipolar plates of fuel cells (Fuel Cell Department) Chiba Plant
Rigid urethane (Heat Insulation Department) Asahi Plant
New Carbon Materials (Carbon Department) Asahi Plant

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